Topic: The Much Awaited Mannequin Film Threequel...I wish!!

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Topic: The Much Awaited Mannequin Film Threequel...I wish!!

Post by PrincessBambi » Tue Jul 30, 2013 3:33 am

So this version opens in Renaissance Italy, with the Venetian princess just receiving news that she is to marry a prince from a distant land she's never heard of .. to which she immediately objects to. Perhaps, however, the most devastating part of the situation is that the princess has been secretly having a tryst with her handmaiden an they will no longer be together. Desperate to find a away out of the situation, the princess and her handmaiden visit a sorcerer that night who they believe will have a solution.

He gives the princess a small potion in a vial that he instructs her to take right then and there. However, the potion changes the princess into a mannequin and the sorcerer reveals himself to have been disguised as the prince. Since the princess had already objected to the marriage he gave her the potion to transform into an object he could have forever. The maid of course is devastated and heartbroken and flees the kingdom, resigning from her position as a handmaiden and vowing to never love again. Instead resigns herself to having affairs with wealthy noblemen as a means of gaining power and money, in hopes of moving up the class hierarchy. Although she lives out the rest of her life as only a wealthy courtesan (lady of the evening), her descendants continue to move up the social ladder, including her reincarnated form who is now the manager of a major new department store.

The young female manager has thus far had terrble luck with love but wonderful success in business. One night while setting up a display she encounters the princess in her plastic form and inadvertently brings her to life. Although her memory is fuzzy, the princess recognizes her former love and the manager hires her as her assistant. However, unbeknownst to both girls, the sorcerer has been reincarnate into the department store owner who has create the store to become reunited with his mannequin, and is willing to use blackmail on his new manager to get it back.

So many plot holes here!!! Please give me any suggestions or even questions!!!

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