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LTBSA update?

Post by asfrmaster » Mon Jun 03, 2013 10:23 pm

It has been a while since the last update. When will the next update occur?

So far loving the new stories from the tuckerverse and Zapped!

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Re: LTBSA update?

Post by dmuk » Tue Jun 04, 2013 11:53 am

It's in the works - just lots going on right now.


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Re: LTBSA update?

Post by Zero » Tue Jun 04, 2013 2:46 pm

There are a couple of good ones on the horizon though... D and I are doing another co-write and it... Ah but that would be telling.

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Re: LTBSA update?

Post by eos2 » Sat Aug 31, 2013 10:02 pm

Any updates? Not complaining, just miss the stories.

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Re: LTBSA update?

Post by stonespell2 » Sun Sep 01, 2013 10:37 pm

eos2 wrote:Any updates? Not complaining, just miss the stories.
Well, this one isn't complete yet, but I want to share it if only to fill the temporary void. It's a sequel to Dan Standing's great story "Steel Toed". Let me know what you guys think!

Steel Trap (Part One)

Joan???s mind began to drift, devoid of stimuli. Already, her brief but joyous rampage had been silenced with a literal whimper, her metallic digit locked just that close to bliss with no release. The shifting column of light through the window proved still several feet away from her newly minted companion, leaving that wondrous moment of reflection still hours in the future. If she focused on her left foot, she could feel the slightest tug of gravity from Rena???s perched hand. ???Still propping up someone else,??? thought Joan woefully as she lamented on her past existence as a corporate doormat.

Every so often, the chilly silence would be broken by the whir of a fan on the nearby personal computer or the distant fridge conking on which would shock the life out of her until she remembered she wasn???t truly alive anymore anyway, just a prop possessing dangerous properties.

For reasons unknown to Joan, she couldn???t help but chuckle when imagining the confusion at work when a third of her department refused to show today. She tried to imagine the various conspiracies her co-workers would create without any evidence.

Little did she know questions were arising already upon the discovery of Cassandra???s sultry form still perched in the bathroom down the hallway. Yet, nobody was sure just what the statue was supposed to represent. Guys from throughout the building found themselves compelled to visit the ladies room to appreciate the surprising sculpture, each pondering why she appeared so familiar. After much scrutiny, fingerprints were discovered to exist on the statue, which would begin a process unstoppable involving every agency in the county.

Of course, Joan had no fear of retribution now from any law of man. Such concerns never even crossed her mind at this point. How could she be punished worse than this?

Such thoughts rolled around until jolted by the sound of a calling voice, first distant but rising in volume until clear. ???Rena!??? called an unseen, husky female voice. ???You better not be skipping out on the laundry! Re-na!??? The inevitability of it all made Joan feel like sinking.

???She???s gonna come in here!???

Sure enough, she could hear the front door pushed open, the chain clacking on the wall behind the door. ???There you are, Rena! Get over here!??? Joan???s heart would be pounding if only her blood still pumped. A few clomping footsteps later revealed a familiar face, one Joan had seen in passing most days in her travels, ignored like most neighborly collisions. Joan always pictured her in dusted clothes, looking like a dockworker. This encounter proved no exception.

Now that familiar face contorted, proclaiming, ???Jesus, Rena, what happened to you???? The newcomer surveyed the scene, trying to make sense of obvious insanity. At one point Joan could see the girl (was her name Crystal?) rifling through Joan???s things, even picking up a pair of her steeled pantyhose slumped on the floor near the bed. Then Joan observed her crouching down in those dirty work boots to examine the steel surface of the floor, pausing every so often to marvel at Rena???s condition.

One sassy hand gripped the unyielding curve of Rena???s ass cheek, and Joan could swear she saw this visitor lick the statue???s bottom lip. After such revelry, she darted off once again to return with a secured dolly.

After clunking that down in the corner, she turned her attention to Joan, which made her nervous. Her prone form, while durable, left her feeling more than a little vulnerable. ???What did you do to her, huh???? she asked in a whisper into the folds of Joan???s frozen ear. Reaching around behind Joan???s head, she grabbed Joan???s clock radio, yanking the power cord with a flourish. Ever so carefully, she neared the foot holding Rena up.

Joan could feel the tap and see the power once more as her digital clock joined her in stainless steel glory. A gasp emitted from the roommate???s lips as her eyes lit up with delight. Like a kid with a box of firecrackers, she grabbed a few things from around the room, Joan???s cell, a shoe, a book, a feather duster, gilding each in turn with a wild giggle.

After sated with the power granted to Joan???s appendage, she grew serious again, wrapping her now prone roommate with a non-steeled bed sheet pilfered from Joan???s linen closet. With care and disturbing strength, she pivoted Rena???s statue, still balanced in those flip-flops, until secured in the cradle of the dolly. After tipping her back, she waved at Joan, as if signifying she???d invariably return. That look of lust scared Joan beyond what she thought possible considering her already disturbing predicament.

At that very moment, IT investigators made a shocking discovery. The email introducing the new statue in the bathroom was quickly tracked by IP address to Joan???s computer, pointing every accusing finger towards her apartment looking for answers. Even more confounding: analysis of the statue???s prints confirmed the statue was, in fact, Cassandra, the office hellcat.

Steel Trap (Part Two)

The hand truck squealed sporadically as it rolled, undoubtedly due to the sheer mass the Rena statue now possessed. More than once, a corner of the bed sheet nearly found its way under one of the rubber wheels, almost revealing to prying eyes the nature of the cargo stowed beneath. The door to the garage was only a few hundred yards away when a voice called out, ???New sculpture for your exhibit, Crystal????

She wanted to scream. With great care, she continued onward, but spun her head around to regard the person submitting such a query. Sure enough, Crystal could see the building busybody, Carmen, spying her from her door across the hall. ???Yup,??? she responded, attempting nonchalance.

???Can I sneak a peak???? continued the nosy neighbor, staying true to her tendencies.

???Sure, with everybody else at the premiere showing, Carmen.??? Crystal raised one alluring eyebrow, adding, ???Wouldn???t want to ruin the surprise now, would I????

Carmen sighed. ???Oh, fiddlesticks!???

With a grunt, Crystal cleared the threshold while backing her way through the door. One sly wave and she was in the clear. After pausing to deploy the ramp on her truck, a former delivery van, she finished Rena???s slow journey into the cargo hold. The rear axle grunted under the weight.

After one quick glance around, Crystal closed the door to be alone at last with her frozen roommate. She tore the sheet away from the rigid damsel, basking in the brilliant glow. Truly, Rena possessed a striking figure, one made more permanent due to her metamorphosis. Yet, what really made Crystal pant with desire was the carefree pose her former friend now exhibited. Paused in mid step, the shimmering ball of Rena???s right foot barely made contact with the ground, leaving the left to carry the burden of weight, even though that heel was barely off the ground as well, stilled in mid-pivot. A slight twist of the hip added a dramatic flair to her countenance, accented by the vibrant flair of her left arm reaching out, fingers splayed casually as they had been when captured. That smug expression hanging in silver perfection completed the composition with a certain aloof appeal, framed by that darling hairstyle, no longer bleached and trashy in its current monochromatic state. Truly, Crystal had to admit, Rena made a striking sculpture, one she???d be proud to claim as her own creation.

Wasting no time, Crystal proceeded to strip the tramp shorts, panty and top, reveling in each new gilded texture. Nothing could be left behind that would reveal the fact that this statue was once a vibrant girl. No bra meant no lines, allowing those pert nipples to pop with lively ambition. Once rendered completely and gloriously nude, Crystal utilized great care to pad the statue where it made contact with the side wall, finishing the process by strapping the confounded statue to the rails, testing the connection until satisfied all was secure.

As Crystal departed the vessel, locking the door as a final step, Rena???s mind screamed inside as she was plunged into utter darkness. The musty smell of the truck permeated somehow, making her regret ever getting tricked by Joan???s lure of free alcohol.

Just outside the apartment sat a lonely police car with a police officer clacking away at a console. She was double-checking the address given in the APB when another call came in telling her to hold off on the search of Joan???s apartment. Another mysterious statue had been found in the ladies locker room at a trendy uptown gym, and all involved were required to investigate the city???s first case of serial petrifaction. With a frustrated grunt, the lithe female officer tossed a clipboard holding the search warrant into the passenger seat before flipping on the sirens and peeling out. In the back of her mind, she couldn???t help but wonder if she???d return to this place to get some answers.

On her way back to the apartment they once shared, Crystal was struck by a taxing moral dilemma. Up to this point, she hadn???t really done anything horrific to anyone. Sure, her friend was captured in metal somehow, and thus far she was willing to profit from such misfortune, but she hadn???t yet crossed the ruby line that leads to damnation. Those schemes, that chrysalis forming almost instinctually once discovering Joan???s magical feet, proved undoubtedly sinister. Her heart raced as she rounded the stairs, doubting for the first time the wisdom of her intentions.

She thought about the power, too, and a sly grin swept across her face. ???I???d possess godly ability!??? she concluded to herself, envisioning the potential for unlimited artistic enlightenment, with instantaneous results. All her life she???d had this very dream pervading, a fantasy that could never become real. Somehow it was all possible! Now, it clicked in her mind, was time to seize this opportunity to become legendary, but only if she could dupe the rest of the world. With surprising clarity, she resolved to secure it all once and for all. By tonight, it would all play out, and she???d either be free to dominate the planet or she???d be locked away a pariah. Regardless, she begrudgingly considered, she???d now follow a path of isolation secured entirely by lies and trickery.

She slipped the key in the lock to find it unlatched. As she opened the door, her nose was greeted by a cloud of smoke fit for a hash house. On the couch was sprawled her final roommate, Hannah, torching a cheap, metal bowl and reading a glossy magazine. Crystal remained unseen by Hannah in her reclined pose, feet propped in the air with knowing coyness, so Crystal took an opportunity to survey the scene and her companion with a critical eye. Gears clacked to go, compelling Crystal to action, first chiding her roommate, saying, ???You should lock the door when you???re toking, Hannah.???

The rebel tossed a sassy pout towards the door, replying, ???You gotta live a little, Mom. Besides, I thought Rena???d be back with a load or two any minute. Or did she ditch again???? Crystal smiled and nodded in response while secretly admiring Hannah???s petite form, the pleasing contour of that delicate face. Admittedly, Crystal often felt left out of the younger girls??? games in the apartment, being several years older and just finished with graduate studies at a rival university, but she never showed it outwardly.

???She took off with Mitch again. Move over,??? commanded Crystal, ???I???ve got something I want to make you.???

That got Hannah???s attention. ???Oh yeah? Do tell!???

???It???s a surprise, but I promise, you???ll love it. It???ll be one of a kind, and you???ll use it daily, I???m sure.???

The riddles made Hannah suspicious. ???Come on, Crys, Nobody does something for nothing! What do you want from me????

This was an expected response. ???You???ll be doing me a favor, since I got a project coming up anyway, and I gotta brush up on my technique. It???s called lifecasting. You ever heard of alginate????


???Alginate. It???s made from sea kelp. I use it to make a reverse-relief of living matter.??? Crystal could see the light dimming immediately in her ignorant friend???s eye so she got to the point. ???I want to make a mold of your foot for an item I???d like to make you.???

It finally seemed to click for Hannah, and now it seemed she was trying to figure out what she???d be getting. Although dubious about that mischievous look on Crystal???s face, she relented to her wishes.

???Ok, let???s do this. You???d better not be messing with me. Does it take long???? Her eyes lingered on her fashion mag.

???Just sit back and read your rag while I mix up a batch.??? Several long puffs of smoke later, and Crystal was all ready. She???d managed get a block of sculpting wax melting in a double burner in the corner and was just finished hand mixing the alginate, pouring it into a suitably-sized matrix. Without asking, she grabbed Hannah???s left foot, gently spraying it down with an aerosol lubricant before shaping her foot into a suitable pose, pointing the ankle while flipping the toes up naturally, creating a familiar archetype. ???Just keep it posed like this, okay? Then push into the liquid all the way to the bottom before pulling up just a bit.???

It felt squishy and cold, but the sensation was not unpleasant as Hannah complied with surprising clarity until buried well past the ankle. Crystal helped guide the process slightly, making sure her younger rival was well positioned within the casting matrix. Hannah gave her a look that begged, ???Now what????

???Hold it right there, just like that. You???ll feel it hardening up into a thick gelatin-like texture.??? Crystal noticed a grin creeping across her subject???s face.

???What???s the straw for???? She motioned to the red-and-white-striped drinking straw on the table.

???You???ll see in a few minutes.??? Sure enough, the alarm dinged on Crystal???s phone, and she used the straw to blow air into the mold, breaking the grip on Hannah???s foot. Twenty seconds of coaxing and wiggling, and Hannah was free.

???That was cool!??? She watched as Crystal poured the molten wax into the newly crafted mold, rocking and tapping the container to ensure no voids were left inside. Once filled to the top, she set it aside to cool before tearing everything down and cleaning the area entirely. Before long, she was pulling the stiffened goo apart in chunks to reveal a stunningly well articulated wax foot. Hannah was so delighted with this part, she posed her real left foot next to the ersatz one, giggling at the cuteness of it all and basking in the attention somehow.

???Look at that!??? proclaimed Crystal. ???It turned out perfect.??? She turned it around in her hand a bit to study it. Something in the composition pleased her immensely, and she found she was unable to contain her glee.

???What now???? asked the perplexed blonde pixie.

Hannah missed Crystal???s smug expression as she replied, ???Now I get to work my magic.???

Across town, the officer studied the stunning sculpture gracing the ladies locker room. Deep in focus, she can scarcely believe this is the second instance of metallic conversion into a statue in a day. Same durable stainless steel material and the pose was an odd one, with one arm reaching out fully extended. Just inches from the calm gilded face, a voiced jolted her, breaking her concentration. ???Strange shit, ain???t it, Lola????

She nodded apprehensively, barely acknowledging the question. After studying the ground, she traced the trail of broken tiles to where they ended near a closed locker. ???Can I get this one open????

Crystal returned to Joan???s apartment prepared. She was certain of that. Yet her nervousness kept creeping in, forcing her out of autopilot. This would prove tricky if she didn???t want to get caught. Upon closing the door with a click, she stormed up the hall to the bedroom, to her impending fate.

Joan almost drifted off to sleep when interrupted by the clang of a geared-up duffel connecting with those steel floorboards. Again, she recognized the tough artist from upstairs, and watched helplessly as she pulled out a can of orange spray paint. One quick burst revealed the demarcation line between mere steel and transforming steel, just below the ankle.

When Joan saw Crystal putting on a welder???s mask, she prayed for the first time, begging for release. She heard that gritty voice say, ???Good thing you???re just a statue or this would hurt like hell!??? Panic rolled through Joan???s entire form, every flexed pore, before the searing agony of thousands of degrees sliced through her leg, the thermite torch severing completely through all that durable bone, muscle and skin until blessedly falling away, leaving behind a total sense of loss.

The limb fell into the nearby wicker basket Crystal employed for the job. Naturally, brilliant silvery metal snaked through the wooden strands upon contact. With expert speed, Crystal grabbed the wax foot created with Hannah moments before and affixed it to the molten stump, leaving an effective facsimile behind. Likewise, Crystal used a steel gripper to lift the cursed foot out of the basket, affixing that to a one-inch thick disk of wax, bonding instantly.

Once cooled, she carefully brushed molten wax on the minute seam where the two divergent elements met until satisfied they appeared as one. With utmost care, she lifted the pilfered foot by the base, gilding the new wax foot until all appeared uniform. Taking a step back, even Crystal had to admit the effect would prove exceptional. Another tap: this time the wax base to the remaining right foot. Then, just to be safe, she tapped Joan with that severed cursed foot, revealing no visible change to the eye, but sending a chill through Joan???s body regardless and returning any molecule altered by the welder back to glorious stainless steel once more.

Joan cursed this usurper with vigor, but only silence emitted from her lips. She hoped she wouldn???t have to endure that anguish again with the other foot. She watched through fixed eyes as Crystal raised the object of desire, Joan???s cursed left foot, over her head in triumph.

Suddenly, a knock at the front door vanquished the reverent silence. Crystal approached the peephole sheepishly, still holding the silvery foot in her gloved hand. So far, the orange line proved where safety met calamity.

Sure enough, Carmen was at the door demanding to know what was making all that racket.

Crystal couldn???t resist, pulling the attractive older woman into the apartment like a frog snaring a curious fly. Coaxing the potential witness into the bedroom, she said in a harried tone, ???I???m torn, Carmen, and I need your opinion. This is my newest masterpiece, and I can???t decide which foot to use on the final piece. Let me put them next to each other and you can tell me which you like better!???

Considering how clandestine Crystal was earlier, Carmen relished this opportunity to contribute. In fact, she couldn???t remember the last time somebody actually asked her what she wanted. The masturbating pose of the sculpture before her was disturbing and shocking, but the level of detail was positively inspired. Despite that pit of worry in the back of her throat, she nodded agreement and moved to stand a few feet in front of Crystal???s location next to the statue. She scrutinized each limb side by side, but really couldn???t tell the difference between the two. They were the same size, same material, and were even posed exactly the same. To be supportive, she offered, ???I think I like the one you???ve got on her.???

At this point Crystal???s face lit up, the passion contagious. ???What about the toes? Go ahead and touch them and give me your decision. I???ll hold this one up for you.???

Sure enough, Carmen politely felt the toes already attached, giving it some effort to appear thorough. ???Uh, okay, these ones feel alright, and these??????

The words cut abruptly the moment her fingers made contact with the cursed toes. She found herself rooted to the spot, completely unable to move. A wave of wintriness rushed through her veins as she felt her muscles stiffening. Within her field of vision and beyond her belief, she could see her hand and arm solidifying, surrendering to silvery doom.

Crystal watched the process as it rolled up from Carmen???s hand to wash over her entire body, rendering every eyelash, lip wrinkle, dimple and pore into luminous steel. Crystal marveled at how bemused Carmen appeared at the moment of transformation and almost clamored to get the hand truck to haul her into the truck with Rena, but decided instead to trust her instinct and leave her to be discovered here in the liar of the obvious perpetrator. She gave the befuddled former woman a peck on the cheek, while toying, ???See what I mean about surprises? Aren???t you glad you got involved???? She licked the fold of Carmen???s ossified ear lobe, still warm but cooling to room temperature fast.

???Hope you enjoyed your personal premiere of my work, Carmen!??? Tapping a hand across that silvery mouth still locked in mid-word, she added, ???Now don???t breathe a word or you???ll ruin the surprise for everyone else.??? A hoarse cackle permeated the room, vibrating within the steel items throughout.

With a grunt she lifted the pristine statue, pivoting her ever so slightly so her gilded hand rested on Joan???s left foot, just like Rena???s had earlier. Only, this wasn???t Rena, and that wasn???t Joan???s cursed foot after all. The effect of the deception filled Crystal with relief as she imagined herself nearly in the clear. Only one thing remained before she could leave this place for good.

Already, Officer Lola Raines had deduced a lot about her latest victim, Helena Vandenhoff, just from the items in her locker. The mirror meant her looks mattered to her. The clothes proved she had money and style. There were plenty of products and a few pictures of a guy or two. What really caught her attention, though, was the lack of something. Gym clothes, gym shoes, street clothes, yet no street shoes anywhere in her things. The officer took one more look at the stunning bombshell, all that hair coiffed expertly, those flawless teeth and donning those professionally manicured nails and she quickly decided someone had not only frozen this poor lady into a silent slab of lifeless metal but had also stolen her shoes.

To Be Continued...

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Re: LTBSA update?

Post by dmuk » Tue Sep 03, 2013 8:22 pm

Getting REALLY close! I only have a couple more to edit. I wouldn't mind putting up 'steel trap' too, once it's done..

RL can be *such* a pain!


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Re: LTBSA update?

Post by stonespell2 » Thu Sep 12, 2013 4:35 am

dmuk wrote:Getting REALLY close! I only have a couple more to edit. I wouldn't mind putting up 'steel trap' too, once it's done..

RL can be *such* a pain!

Of course, D! I was thinking this would be three parts, but now I'm suspecting it will be five parts. Anyway, here's the latest chapter. Please notify if you find any errors since I finished this one pretty late last night. More like morning, really. I'm seriously tired.

Steel Trap (Part Three)

Late afternoon shared its abundant glow about the same time that Crystal had finished packing and cleaning. Earlier, she had used a duster to eliminate all traces of molten steel that spattered and spit in their fall, obviously paying great care not to accidentally touch Joan's remaining right foot, the one still bestowing the incredible power of transformation onto any item that it touched, turning all into lustrous and durable stainless steel forever. Joan giggled at the touch of some of the probing strokes from the brush, helpless to move in the slightest.

A bit of pillaging had also been done around this time as Crystal trekked across the hall to Carmen's now abandoned apartment. Armed only with a fresh pair of surgical gloves, she expeditiously and calmly rifled through all the personal trash and gems that orbit a shut-in's boring life. Here and there she'd bag up items with pawn value mostly, making an exception with some items hanging in the closet. Crystal was surprised to discover Carmen had pretty good taste in clothes. Naturally, she scooped up three of her favorite dresses to round out her look.

With intentional forethought, Joan grabbed Carmen's alpha purse from near the phone ("A landline," scoffed Crystal under her breath) and a used coffee cup from the counter near the sink, planting them casually at Joan's steel cave of an apartment. In the purse she found a journal containing daily logs of Crystal's movements and accomplishments. This revelation shocked Crystal as she scanned, page by page, everything going on in 6C upstairs, her private home! On the back page she foolishly listed a log-in and password for her computer.

Darting back next door, she pulled the laptop out of the pawn items bag and powered it on. Sure enough, the witchy woman had video on all of them: clandestine images taken without consent. She even found publicity photos of Crystal from the opening of her short gallery stint a year ago. Why Carmen had taken such an interest in her life baffled Crystal, but she quickly felt fortunate to have silenced such a dangerous witness. 'Hard to remain anonymous with all this scrutiny,' she thought with determination.

Fortunately, while seeking out more incriminating evidence of her own existence, one she longed to disappear from, she stumbled across a folder containing identification, including a valid passport of a girl looking remarkably like herself; so similar she did a double-take to be sure. "Isabel," she muttered, trance-like, staring into a near mirror of herself in holographic relief. 'A daughter, perhaps?' thought the thief with a wide grin, pocketing them along with the dresses.

Once returning from pawning, burning and looting, she returned to Joan's apartment for the last time to finish the deed. Secretly, she had to return with a camera to obtain some keepsake of her first new creation, the statue of Carmen she knew she had to abandon. Her timing was optimal, because suddenly a somber, orange glow began to dance across poor Carmen's sculpted curves. Still dressed in her light summer dress, she felt exposed and vulnerable in a way she never even considered possible. The pale wedges strapped to her motionless feet withstood the increased weight she now possessed with surprising sureness, leaving her feeling oddly leaden and weightless all at the same time. Within moments, she could feel the glimmer of the living sun playing upon her shape, filling her with renewed vigor.

Beneath the thin material of her top, one could see the spark of a firm nipple bravely revealing the arousal that gripped her just before complete paralysis, involuntary and embarrassing if she cared to think about it anymore. Thankfully, the sun was doing the thinking for her now, like the caress of a familiar and strange lover.

Carmen and Joan could both appreciate the haunting view, but only one was capable of snapping photos of the event like a paparazzi, and she did so with artistic care and diligence. At one point, Crystal took a break from filming to ask, "Why the fascination with me, lady? I found all your research on me. Is it because I look like your daughter?" She faced the frozen woman with a grin, seeing the contorted reflection of her own face on the cheek of her lone victim. "You alive in there?" asked the confused girl as she tapped a knuckle across the forehead of the gilded lass, never expecting an answer but savoring that dull, ringing response regardless.

"Well, I am your daughter now, lady!" She held up the passport for dramatic effect, invoking sadness from Carmen for all the losses of her past. Her silence would've been dramatically stoic and defiant, but she never could have hidden such distress if her body still possessed the anima of living. Time itself couldn't heal the wounds, and now she'd be forced to confront her deeds in perpetuity.

'Nobody deserves this agony,' thought Carmen in private woe.

While turning to go, Crystal spotted a fantastic pair of succulent pumps out of the corner of her eye. Bedazzled, she slipped them on to find them a perfect fit. Amazed at how well they'd go with the new dresses she pilfered, she marveled that their flawless design and comfort. She'd never owned anything so luxurious in her life! She trotted her way out the door with a final wave goodbye, leaving the unfamiliar and frozen duo in silence in the waning light of evening.

Meanwhile, Officer Lola Raines was taking great care to supervise the transport of Helena to the county coroner's office. Employing a paddy wagon to accomplish the task, Lola considered the irony that surely someone as classy as Helena would???ve never gotten in the sort of trouble to land in a vehicle such as this. Part of her wondered if her captive travel companion could feel anything at all or if she was merely a hunk of polished iron possessing no memory or emotion, only stillness.

Inside that jostled yet secured sculpture was a terrified witness unable to resist that busy world bounding wildly outside her timeless limbo. Her mind screamed at every new humiliation, yet could find no relief. Now, she could hear these voices in conversation, describing wild scenarios and detailing the probing to follow upon arrival. Eventually, she found her fixed vision tipped skyward as she was being hauled away.

Lola insisted on modestly cloaking the ossified woman, much to the statue's silent approval. Before long, they traveled through the swinging doors into the sterile environment of the examination room.

"Look, I told the last guy, this is the coroner's office, not a modern museum exhibit!" The gray-haired man with the reading glasses stared sarcastically over them at Officer Raines with much exasperation. Before long he gestured to the corner of the room where Cassandra was perched, exposed for the world to see wearing only silvery underwear and heels. Absolutely unchanged from the last time Lola had laid eyes on her.

"What can I do about it, Greg? The chief gave me this case to handle, so I gotta follow through." Lola kept her firm composure and steely stare locked almost as surely as the stilled victims in view around them. "They've got prints, you know."

The ruffled man in the lab coat clucked his lips in thought, distracted by something on Helena's face: a subtle, everyday apathy that he found adorable. "How, exactly, am I supposed to autopsy them? Hmm?" For effect, he grabbed a scalpel and pinged it off Cassie's chest. "Solid metal through-and-through, so no MRI. Are you sure Banksy's not in town messing with us? This feels more like a stunt than a crime."

Lola merely lowered her eyes before responding, "Something's not right here, I can feel it."

The coroner was still scratching his head when the call came in announcing the discovery of a fully-erect man made of steel found in a bathroom at some trendy midtown nightclub. As the officers tore away to the scene, the doctor muttered half in jest, "Now whose leg???s being pulled?"

Crystal arrived at the front door of 6C, the apartment she'd called home for nearly six months. In her arms she held the steely remains of the wicker basket cradling that trophy of transformation that Crystal worked so hard to possess. The one that Hannah would be duped into thinking was her own gilded foot produced from the bodycasting session they enjoyed together only a few hours earlier. A wicked smile crept across her face before getting back into character, poker face in full bloom.

She was greeted by Hannah's seductive rump. More specifically, downward facing dog. "Took long enough!" said Hannah to the unseen arrival. "We've got that Epsilon party tonight, you slutty bitch!" She mistook Crystal for Rena again in her arrogant cloud of confusion.

Crystal cleared her throat, revealing her identity. Inside her mind raged at being excluded again. 'Another party I wasn't invited to,' thought Crystal with scorn, pondering Hannah's sloppy reveal of another sorority party the roommates would attend without her like so many times in the past."

"Oh, it's you." Hannah exhaled robustly before flipping around on her yoga mat to sit facing Crystal cross-legged, looking like a tart, cherry pie budda. Crystal giggled slightly at the ironic thoughts that played in her head. "Thought you were Rena," offered Hannah with no trace of remorse or responsibility for her actions.

"Another party, huh?" quizzed Crystal without trying to reveal any obvious longing.

"More of a ceremony, really. You know they denied membership to you. I mean, I'd invite you, but it's for members only. You understand." The condescending tone struck Crystal in the gut. "It's a fashion show of sorts, anyway. Not really your thing, you know?" A subtle snarky giggle escaped her lips as she stretched flat on her tummy, pretending to continue her workout unabated. Crystal couldn't help but admire the shape of her acquaintance in that skimpy and stretchy yoga outfit.

"Well, I'm back with your gift!" beamed Crystal triumphantly, shrugging off the palpable awkward atmosphere. She appeared effectively work weary with all those preparations and plans over at Joan's, yet she also brimmed with creative promise.

Hannah, for her part, looked enraptured by the mystery of the surprise. She flipped around again to sit cross-legged as before, the aggression and playfulness toggled as if on a switch. ???Typical spoiled brat,??? thought Crystal with a hint of scorn behind the welcoming smile. As she lifted the glittering foot out of the bag, only befuddled disappointment crossed Hannah's darling features.

Crystal decided this was the time to clue her in. "Don't you get it? It's gonna be a bong for you to use, Hannah! A one of a kind; can't you just see it?"

A look of perplexity continued to roam. "But, where do I put the stuff?" she asked in a confused whimper, seeking out with her eyes some hint of a bowl or something. Crystal wanted to slap herself in the face.

"It's not done, yet, honey. I've still got to drill out the chamber and the stem, install the gear and then it will be done." With forced nonchalance, she handed the gilded foot to her, gripping it by the base with knowing care.

Hannah spun it around in her hand, surprised by the weight of it, gripping entirely upon the underside. "What's with the orange line?"

"That's for when I drill it," lied Crystal with a shrug. "Try it out! That way I can see how to assemble it the way you want it. I can make it upright, with the mouthpiece coming out of the top of the foot, or diagonally, with the mouthpiece cutting through near the ball of your foot with the bowl coming through the heel."

It only took a few seconds for Crystal's words to click in Hannah's mind, forcing a radiant smile across her lips. She visualized the potential cylinder Crystal described first poking out through the bones on the top of her foot, attempting the motion of such an arrangement. Then, she put the toes close to her lip, the pad of that cursed foot mere millimeters from the moist flesh pursed there. The hairs on Crystal???s body rose upon command in anticipation.

Hannah merely lowered it in her arms. "Hey, are you sure this is the same one we made earlier?"

"W-What do you mean?" stammered Crystal. "I just got back from finishing it up."

One eyebrow raised in suspicion. "Are you sure? I could swear my foot is smaller than this."

Crystal smiled in response to calm her gullible patsy. "It's an optical illusion, silly. The reflective surface of the steel is gonna make it appear larger." Crystal abruptly reached the cursed foot out regardless, offering it obstinately to Crystal. In confusion, and with continued respect for the power possessed within, Crystal gripped it, taking it back from the willowy maiden.

At first, she thought Hannah was refusing the gift outright, cursing herself for underestimating Hannah's surprising powers of perception. However, Hannah changed her position on the mat, raising her right foot in the air posed just like the glowing one in Crystal's hand. Her left leg remained bent casually in front of her much as it had been when crossed. "Show me! I want to see if it mirrors the size of my foot." She rolled her eyes in exasperation, adding, "I can't believe my foot looks that big! That would be mortifying."

Crystal scoffed at Hannah's vanity before presenting the shimmering foot to her. With deliberate and painfully slow movement, she brought the solidified limb ever closer as if to compare the two in measurement, toying with Hannah's lack of patience. Hannah tossed a devilish pout before reaching out on her own at last, barely pressing the pad of her soft foot against the cold steel one in her roommate's hand. All at once, everything stopped.

While she wanted to gloat that her toes were smaller than the sculpture, she found no words could escape. Her once limber body felt locked in place somehow, completely unable to move. From eyes she could no longer budge, she could see a spark of light emanating from her toes, a hauntingly pallid glow that delivered a hot shiver and the faintest humming sound. As quickly as it gained a stronghold, it spread, first down her leg to her pelvis. The suddenness of her conversion to steel almost shocked the terrified girl???s consciousness from her own body if only that pernicious tug of density ringing louder hadn???t plowed over her chest and down her left thigh, silencing her heart and lungs. The pop and sizzle of transformation mocked her with increasing intensity until the gilding wave swallowed her whole, sealing those powder-blue eyes into metallic orbs, plastering her hair in an effortless likeness and freezing those final toes on her left foot, laying all metabolic functions lifelessly dormant.

All the while Hannah could see the wide-eyed fascination on Crystal???s face while studying her metamorphosis, holding that mirrored foot in her hand like a bomber with a guilty hand still firm on the switch. As the molten forces rendered her inert, all notions of love and trust were likewise replaced by fear and anger, belying the mischievously subtle grin she now wore on her shimmering face until the end of time.

It happened so quickly, Crystal forgot to breathe. A sputtering cough punctuated the air as she remembered to inhale robustly before replacing the transforming sculpture back into the nearby hamper. She sunk to her knees as she turned to face that familiar face, that sort-of friend that she secretly adored and loathed in equal measure. At floor level the lights from the nearby stereo played amongst the platinum curves in a delightful way, cementing a look of Christmas Day awe onto the betrayer???s face. As she stood up to admire even more of Hannah???s shape, she noticed how well placed that playful foot seemed in proximity to her crotch, how fortuitous a pose to be featured in her permanent collection: the first person she tricked into owning outright to exploit for the sake of art. She lifted her nether lips to grind for a while on the toes of her captive roommate, riding herself to release while replaying Hannah???s conversion over and over on loop in her mind.

As her juices rolled down Hannah???s gilded instep, Crystal couldn???t help but consider the possibilities available to her if only she altered her escape plan to include a detour. Already the sun was beginning to set, leaving precious little time to cross the finish line. Yet, she could almost taste precious revenge pulling her to a grander fate, a magnum opus of deception and power all wrapped up in a gilded wicker basket.

The criminalist was already gloved up and working when Officer Raines arrived at the Sparrow???s Nest. In a big, clear bag sat some clothes marked for evidence, found from the garbage can nearby. Lola stole a glance of the cute investigator as she swabbed material from his penis, clearly labeling the finding in a specimen bottle. ???Specimen, indeed!??? thought the distracted officer as she admired the robust curves of the European beauty beside her, drooling inwardly with every bend of the hip.

???Looks like vaginal fluid,??? she offered in a thick accent Lola couldn???t quite trace. ???Czech, perhaps???? guessed the curious officer. A nod confirmed the observer???s suspicion.

???Not surprising considering his, um, condition,??? offered the detective with a slight blush.

The lustrous woman, laughed before removing the glove from her hand. ???I???m Veronika Andel. I think we met briefly on that case for the county commissioner a few months back.???

???Of course,??? replied Lola with a firm grasp of the hand. ???You helped us break that one! How are things looking here????

???Pretty much wrapped up. Nobody remembers him going in here and nobody checked the bathroom when they locked up last night, so his arrival is pretty much a mystery.??? Pointing to a nearby handheld radio, she said, ???We???re just waiting on a call from the DMV.???

Lola???s eyes perked up. ???Any cars abandoned in the lot here last night????

Veronika???s head nodded just as the call came through. Sure enough, one belonged to Gerald Kopinski, the missing office manager. The other belonged to Joan Parrish, his equally missing underling and chief suspect behind this whole sordid mess. Wasting no time, Officer Lola and Veronika agreed to meet at Joan???s apartment to pick the place apart.

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Re: LTBSA update?

Post by Leem » Sat Sep 14, 2013 8:23 pm

dmuk wrote:Getting REALLY close! I only have a couple more to edit. I wouldn't mind putting up 'steel trap' too, once it's done..

RL can be *such* a pain!

I haven't updated my site in a while, but there are three 2011 stories I don't recall sending you. All relatively short, you'll doubtless be relieved to hear! I'll get them to you ASAP.

PS I notice you've got my stylesheet loaded. That'll save a bit of editing time.
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Re: LTBSA update?

Post by dmuk » Mon Sep 16, 2013 3:50 pm

Thanks, Leem. I'll try to get these in, but some may appear in the next update; that shouldn't be so delayed!


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Re: LTBSA update?

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stonespell2 wrote:Of course, D! I was thinking this would be three parts, but now I'm suspecting it will be five parts. Anyway, here's the latest chapter. Please notify if you find any errors since I finished this one pretty late last night. More like morning, really. I'm seriously tired.
OK, I'll wait to see the conclusion before posting (and giving you a final review of the way it came together)

Thanks for giving the (patiently) waiting readers something nifty to read in the meantime!


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Re: LTBSA update?

Post by dmuk » Thu Oct 17, 2013 11:15 pm

It's getting closer! I have one more story to review (and another that will be deferred to Xmas or so); SO much new...


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