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wicked Fun- read and review plz!!!

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**New story I've been working on and more to come. Read and review. kthnxbai**

Lacey sat on her bed, long legs stretched out with her feet rested on the head board and her head propped up on her right elbow as she skimmed through the very old book that lay in front of her. Lacey had come from a family of witches and the book of spells she was skimming through had been in her family for many, many years..passed down from generation to generation. Lacey first began using magic when she was around 12 years old and her powers had just started to develop. Her mother and grandmother were both witches so she learned quite a bit just from watching them..unfortunately that's also when trouble had started to begin. Lacey developed a habit of using her magic selfishly or at the very least recklessly to amuse herself and often at the expense of others, causing her mother and grandmother to often intervene and fix Lacey's mistakes, and eventually leading Lacey's mother to banning the use of magic from the house to keep her daughter from getting into anymore trouble. During that span of time throughout almost all of Lacey's teenage years, there was no use of magic whatsoever except when she visited with her grandmother who continued to give Lacey training as long as she promised to use her magic for good. Lacey agreed, learning all she could from her grandomther since her mother had seemed to grow accustomed to a life without magic.

"Not that she ever used it for anything particularly interesting anyway...mostly in her garden to promote the growth of her herbs", Lacey recalled, as she continued to thumb through the spell book.

Indeed the reason Lacey had ended up with the book was that her mother simply no longer had any use for it and eventually forgot about it. Lacey, on the other hand, hadn't forgotten. And so when she left home, she took the book with her. Surprisingly, though, the young witch hadn't had much use for it eithe. An occasional spell to seduce her girlfriend Breana into love making, or a potion to increase her performance. Another rule Lacey's grandmother had stressed to her was to let very few mortals, if any, know that she was a witch. Breana was the only person Lacey had ever told, and she was quite confident that things would remain that way since, after all, Breana wasn't the brightest bulb on the tree and therefore, lacked the smarts to ever use what she knew against Lacey.

Lately, though, Lacey was looking for a new way to spice their little romance up. She was afraid things were getting a little boring...which she HATED. Just as the thought hit her, she turned the page to a spell titled "Plasticity Spells".

"That's funny", she said aloud. "I didn't learn anything about this...if I had, I would've remembered".

As she read, she she realized the spell was an objectifying spell...in this case, it would objectify anyone of her choosing into a plastic doll or mannequin.

"Or sex doll", she thought wickedly.

She stood quickly. There was no time to lose. Breana would arrive home soon and then the fun would begin.

"Hello?", called a high pitched breathy voice about 45 minutes later. "Lacey where are you?" Breana asked.

"Bedroom", Lacey answered.

Breana made her into the bedroom they shared and let out a high pitched giggle.

"Like ohmyGod!", she shrieked happily. "What's all this?", she asked.

The whole floor of the room as well as most of the bed was covered in rose petals and several pink and red candles were scattered around the room. It looked...and smelled undeniably sexy.

Breana sniffed the air. There was another smell, not roses or the candles- another scent. One she'd smell a few times before but couldn't place now.

Lacey jumped down from her place on the bed and strode over sexily. She looked every bit like an enchantress in her sexy black and red laced corset with her long dark hair flowing and shining as it caught bits of light from the candles. She leaned in as if to give her girlfriend a kiss but instead surprised her by pushing her with full and unexpected force backward onto the bed.

"Oooh!!", Breana squealed in surprise.

Lacey climbed on top of Breana and sat on her stomach, massaging Breana's breasts. Breana was a Bcup at best, but Lacey knew it would be easy to fix once she was through with her. Lacey leaned in again, brushing Breana's long blonde hair out of her face and caressing her cheek with her long red finger nails.

Breana could do little else except just giggle in response and dizzily ask "What are you doing, Lace?"

The smell she noticed before was becoming overpowering now.

Lacey quickly whispered the spell she'd memorized earlier.

Suddenly, Breana felt a change within her self, starting at her feet...they wouldn't move. It was as if her feet simply hadn't fall asleep but were now just dead weight. Before Breana could make sense of it, the process spread up her legs then to her waist. Lacey could feel the plastic travelling underneath her. Breana, however was becoming horrified.

"This is one of your spells?", she accused Lacey.

"Shhh", the witch told her.

"But-", Breana's eyes grew as the plastic soon engulfed her chest and was spreading to her neck, and then quickly up to her face. Her mouth which was coincidentally left open in a perfect little "o" in shock was now stuck. Her green eyes soon lost their lifelike quality and became glazed over. Lacey kissed her girlfriend's forehead, which to her satisfaction felt like plastic, and grinned.

"One last thing", said Lacey, as she put her mouth around one of the doll's nipples and began to blow air into it as if blowing up a balloon. In response, the doll's breast began to plump up significantly until it reached what Lacey figured was a DD. She then released the breast and pinched the nipple, the repeated the same thing on the other.

"Perfect", she said admiring her work.

Breana had always looked like a model...standing at 5 feet 8 inches tall, with aher naturally rail thin body and long blond hair. But now she looked as much like a bimbo as she acted. A plastic brainless bimbo.

"What's happening?" Breana suddenly wondered. "I'm a DOLL???!!!"

Lacey jumped off the bed and walked over to the dresser across the room, opening the top drawer. Breana knew exactly what was coming next; unfortunately for her there was nothing she could do about it, as she helplessly watched Lacey walk back over wearing their strapon. Except in typical Lacey fashion, she'd charmed it to make it about 5 inches larger.

"She's gonna torture me", thought a very petrified Breana.

"Torture?", laughed Lacey in a way that seemed so wicked only a witch could be capable of. "That's an interesting way to put it. Especially since you usually beg and plead for me to NOT stop", she added as she thrusted the strapon into the doll's mouth. "Now suck!", she ordered.

The sensation of having an object much larger than she was used to in her mouth had quite an effect on Breana as she reluctantly obeyed.

"Ohhhh", she mentally cried. "Lacey please-"

"Shut up", ordered the witch. Lacey felt her orgasm beginning to build up...just as Breana's thoughts once again entered her mind.

"Its....too much", she said, just as Lacey was reaching her climax and Breana was sure her mouth was going to explode.

"Ohhhhh", moaned the helpless, now-plasticized girl, petrified that this orgasm would be her last and kill her. She'd never experienced passion like this before- and with good reason. And yet she didn't want the intensity to end.

Finally, Lacey came and released, cumming in the doll's face whilst letting out a cry of pleasure. Yes Lacey had also charmed the dildo to act just as a man's penis would so Lacey would benefit from the entire experience. The witch pulled the dildo out of the doll's mouth and let it drop to the floor.

"You see, lover?", she asked, whispering into Breana's frozen face. "I bet you've NEVER been fucked like that".

And with that, Lacey said the reverse spell and smacked the doll's ass, changing Breana back from plastic into flesh and bone within seconds- but not before Lacey's little slap made her orgasm just once more. The result was a wet spot appearing just under Breana. Lacey climbed off and noticed this too.

"Oooh you little slut", she teased.

"I...", Breana began, suddenly shocked that she could talk out loud again and not just in her thoughts. "i can talk!", she said.

"Of course", said Lacey, lazily tossing her dark hair back. "I reversed the spell"

Breana lifted her hands up, examining them.

"But wait-"

"Get cleaned up first and then we'll talk", Lacey ordered, slapping her on the ass once again.

"I can't believe you did that", Breana said, changing into a clean tank top and jeans.

Why not?", asked Lacey, sprawled out on the bed, the spell book in front of her once again. "You've known I was a witch for quite some time now. Are you really that surprised?"

"Um yeah!" said Breana, turning around. "Do you even like know what you're doing? Transforming someone into a doll...that's like so not normal"

"For humans", Lacey corrected. "For witches, its not that big of a deal. Look here's the spell", Lacey pushed the book over to the edge of the bed so Breana could see.

"Still", said Breana, coming over and sitting down beside the brunette. "What if you like messed up the spell somehow? What would've happened to me?"

Lacey sighed. "Look, B. I swear I knew what I was doing...you couldn't have been in better hands. And besides, you're fine now aren't you? I mean you don't notice anything wrong...right?"

Breana stood up and examined herself in the mirror.

"I guess so" she admitted.

Lacey stood up too and walked over to her girlfriend.

"Let me see", she teased, cupping Breana's breasts, now back to their normal size, in her hands. "Hmmm..everything thing seems to be in working order", she said mischieviously.

Breana giggled. "Wish they would've stayed DD's though", she said.

"Sorry, babe. That was part of the spell. Besides,I have to keep my magic a secret remember? If your tits suddenly looked like Pamela Andersen's...I'm pretty sure people would notice".

"I know", sighed the blonde.

"Though", began Lacey. "If you really want to be a Barbie doll for a day, I'm sure I could easily modify the spell to-"

"Ummm....I don't think-", Breana started to say.

Lacey laughed. "Relax. One transformation is enough for today....so you're safe. For now", she said, with a playful smile.

It was another typical, mundane day for Lacey at her job in a department store. Picking up and refolding the clothes customers seemed too careless to do themselves. Lacey sighed as she bent down to pick up a shirt from the massive pile of clothing that lay on the floor of the fitting room.

"Why can't I just use my powers to do this?", she thought.

Just then a girl a few years older than Lacey entered the fitting room. As per usual, Wendy was dressed up in one of her slutty attempts at business attire, which she only wore to A. assesrt her authority over the employees under her and B. ironically, flaunt her assets at the same time. Lacey groaned. Between the smell of Wendy's cheap perfume and the very deep slit up the side of her pencil skirt, it didn't take too much imagination to see how Wendy had gotten into her position of power- and after spending only a few minutes with her, notice that she totally abused it.

"Tsk, tsk", Wendy began in that overly condescending voice of hers. "Lacey, my dear..sad to say, you are lagging behind. One at a time is not going to get you done any faster".

Lacey felt herself bite her tongue. "I've been trying my best", Lacey told her, smiling to conceal how she truly felt.

Wendy just sighed in response and shook her head, her perfect ponytail flying from side to side. "That's not the only thing, hun. According to sales goals, you haven't made your productivity there either".

Lacey just kept her focus on the shirt she was attempting to fold- which not surprisingly wasn't up to Wendy's standards.

"No here", said the older girl, practically ripping the shirt out of Lacey's hands. "This is how you do it", she said as she started to redo what Lacey had already done, majorly pissing her off.

"Ok, Wendy?", said Lacey, her voice coming out a little louder than either of them had expected. "Just stop!"

Much to Lacey's surprise, Wendy did. The two girls stood there for a moment just staring at each other, tension filling the room. Finally Wendy narrowed her eyes and started to talk again.

"I'd be very careful with that little temper of yours, doll", Wendy said cooly, purposely over-pronouncing the last word as she often did, giving Lacey an idea.

"A doll am I?", Lacey asked saracastically, raising her eyebrows.

"Its just an expression", Wendy scoffed, rolling her eyes.

"Lucky for me", said Lacey, as she began to recite the spell she said last night, except this time choosing mannequin as the desired object.

Since Wendy liked to parade around like a sultry girlFriday, Lacey figured it fitting that she'd end up on display in the business wear section.

"What the hell did you do to me?", Wendy hissed, as she felt the plastic slide up her legs.

Lacey just laughed as she began to walk around the soon-to-be mannequin.

"I gotta say, Wendy", said Lacey as she leaned in to whisper in her ear. "You've got a nice ass here", she said as she reached down to grab her manager's rather voluptous backside. Wendy only moaned softly in response. "What's that?", Lacey taunted sexily. "You're not gonna fight back? I'm surprised.

"Why....?" came Wendy's reply.

"Why what? Why am I doing this? Or why shouldn't you fight back?". The witch let out an evil laugh. "I'll answer both. I'm doing this to you because you're nothing more than a power hungry bitch who needs to be put in her place. Plus you dress like a slut". Lacey felt Wendy's torso's harden upon saying these words and smiled."Second of all, you can't fight back because simply put there's no way you'd win. In a few seconds, you'll be nothing but a worthless piece of plastic but at least has killer curves, and in case you haven't figured it out yet, I'm a witch. For once, I have all the power and I bet that just kills you, doesn't it?", whispered Lacey as she pulled Wendy's ponytail.

Wendy didn't respond. Because she couldn't. She was now just a helpless mannequin of herself.

"Oooh", Lacey squealed excitedly. "You look great! Much as it kills me to admit that". The witch tapped a finger to her chin. "Unfortunately, doll", she said, over-pronouncing the word just as Wendy had. "I can't keep you like this".

"What?", she heard a voice shriek inside her head that sounded as shrill as ever.

"Of course", thought Lacey. "Just like Breana, whoever I transform is able to communicate with me in their thoughts. I'll have to see if there's a way to control that".

To Wendy, she just shrugged nonchalantly and said "Sorry, thse cute clothes have to come off and go back on the rack", as Lacey began to unbutton Wendy's blazer and then slid it off her shoulders.

That was the easy part. Her blouse underneath was also a button down but two sizes too small. The only way Lacey figured she'd be able to get it off is the same way she'd observed the dummy dressers do it in the store. First she unscrewed her left arm, and then the right. The shirt then slid off and feel at the mannequin's feet in a pool of silk. While Wendy was still unarmed (quite literally), Lacey also unhooked her bra which slid off just as easily.Lacey stared at her former manager's exposed breasts.

"Slightly bigger than Breana's", she noted. "Though still much smaller than the DD's Breana had swelled up to".
Lacey sighed. She had caught herself on more than one occasion staring at those perky little breasts stuffed into the button down blouses Wendy wore. She'd also often wondered how much of it was real and if the rest was just pushed up.

"You've got one hell of a rocking bod, I'll give you that", said Lacey.

"Thank you?", snapped Wendy. "i don't see how you expect to me take a compliment fromyou after this".
Lacey just smirked and unzipped Wendy's skirt.

"Umm..aren't you going to put my arms back?", Wendy demanded.

"That depends", said Lacey.

"On?", asked Wendy, defintely getting impatient.

"How much you annoy me", said Lacey, standing back to face the helpless girl with a haughty look.

"Oh", said Wendy, seeming to consider. "So if I apologize for how I've treated you and even promise to put in a good word with the boss about you, you'll change me back then?"

Lacey laughed. "Not quite. See I doubt you'll be talking to ANYONE anytime soon. What I meant is stay on my good side as the plastic slut you are now, and you'll stay in one piece..piss me off and you'll find yourself thrown out with the rest of the garbage".

That shut Wendy up.

"You know you really do have a nice ass", said Lacey, as she reached behind to squeeze it one more time.

"Hmm..I'll think I'll just toss thse nasty things out", said Lacey, as she slid down Wendy's G-string.

"There's nothing wrong-", Wendy began.

"Coming from you? Hahaha", chuckled Lacey. "Hmmm what else?", she wondered aloud. Her eyes landing on Wendy's amazing six inch spiked
heels. "What size shoe are you?", Lacey asked.

Wendy sighed. "Six and a half"

"What a coincidence!", said Lacey. "So am I. I'm keeping the shoes then", she said decisively, prying the heels off the mannequin and setting them aside.

Wendy made a small weeping noise that Lacey chose to ignore. Instead she yanked Wendy's hair out of its ponytail holder and brushed it so it looked messy and very un-Wendylike.

"Stop it!", Wendy yelled at her.

"Sorry", said Lacey. "Gotta make sure no one recognizes you and cover my ass....you know how that goes right?", she asked, her eyes meeting Wendy's.

Wendy understood. All too well.

Lacey flipped a long piece of Wendy's hair over one eye. "There!", she said. "Now whoever cleas the fitting rooms will just think you're another dummy. I'm gonna dispose of your stuff and then give myself the rest of day off"

"Like Hell you are-", Wendy started to say, as Lacey paused, staring at her mannequinized boss- as if daring her to speak. Wendy didn't finish...Lacey had already won

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Re: wicked Fun- read and review plz!!!

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Great story - thanks!

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