A mannequin/doll/statue actually played by an actress.

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A mannequin/doll/statue actually played by an actress.

Post by neisy03 » Tue Sep 27, 2022 3:54 am

Do you know any show or movies or plays where there is a mannequin/doll/statue that is actually played by an actress?

Usually when there should be a mannequin or statue on a scene, it is actually real mannequin or statue, and the face of the actor/actress was just put on its face via CGI.

I know something that I have watch long ago, "Manekin cantik terkutuk", it is an indonesian, or malaysian im not sure, show where there is a mannequin that seems to be possessed. But in that show, that mannequin is actually played by an actress named Della Dartyan, if im not mistaken. In every scene where she is there, she is just frozen, until some scenes where she has to move to make the scene a little scary.
But now I can't find it anywhere, if was delete from youtube and nowhere to be found anymore. I have posted this previously but sadly no one responds.
If you know some shows like that, either the character was turned into mannequin/statue or the character is actually a mannequin/statue as long as they are played by an actual actress, please share it.

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