my favourite freeze location

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my favourite freeze location

Post by window dressee » Fri Nov 28, 2014 7:42 am

some thoughts for sharing:

my favourite location for freezing and becoming a mannequin is the display window of a bridal boutique;
but not the classic window to the bright street, instead a display towards a passage-way through the house, with a show-case on the opposite side!

The showcase belongs also to the boutique and is large enough to carry several mannequins in bridal and maid's gowns;
the mannequins in showcase and the ones in the classic display are looking at each other,
i.e. while becoming a mannequin, I can see formerly transformed "colleagues",
and while being a mannequin, I can still observe future colleagues entering the showcase, strike their final pose and freeze.

The passageway is halflight and open for the public;
the bright light in the display, while the passageway is dark, makes the window reflective like a mirror at any time (when the display is lit bright enough);
therefore I can watch my transformation during the whole process [not just dring night], and also when I'm being re-dressed during day-time.
The public passageway is used by passers-by, who can see me at any time;
I can see the passers-by and the mannequins opposite, when "my" display is dimmed light.

Because the showcase has a glass-door in front of the mannequins,
the mannequin-to-be can literally see how she is locked into her (its) showroom;
once the glass-door is shut and locked, she is save, but also locked-in.
The classic display has fixed glass pane
and is either entered through a door in the back wall, locking me and the mannequins in a similar small show room like the showcase;
or the display is open to the inner boutique, such that the hooped skirt of my bridal gown has enough space, but also staff or customers can approach me, touch and undress me without advance warning ...

I'm in two minds:
do I prefer the safty of the narrow show-case,
or should I go into the spacous, but open display?
(but I did not yet find such a boutique in reality; a boutique for formal dresses just closed its show-case :-( )

just my personal thoughts ...

window dressee

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Re: my favourite freeze location

Post by zapped! » Fri Nov 28, 2014 8:31 pm

No display booths involved, but you may want to read "Always a Bridesmaid" by Alicia. Came across it recently and was surprised that I missed it the first time around. Unfortunately; the story almost seemed unfinished. What would have been nice, is if the bride that runs past them would have been the same one that was getting married. The bridesmaids could have been posed along with her for an evening of reflection and relaxation. Her story "The Fourth Pose" is also a very worthy read.
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Re: my favourite freeze location

Post by window dressee » Sun Jul 19, 2015 2:18 pm

I found a good approximation of my wishes:
a boutique with two "rooms", each with two display windows;
while one window is classic to the street, the other displays are facing each other!

All displays are open to the rest of the boutique (i.e. no narrow show case, which I described in my initial description),
and there are no real mannequins, but just dressmaker's models (i.e. no legs, no arms, no head);
but at least an approximation - my wish is possible, and if you are interested, we can talk about the things you like on this example, and which _you_ would change ...

I found this place on google inside view and took some screenshots;
a first set is posted on my deviant-account: ... s-opposite

window dressee

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