fembot remote in foldover clutch

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window dressee
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fembot remote in foldover clutch

Post by window dressee » Thu Sep 18, 2014 1:45 am


inspired by the comment of fembotlover about a robomeats-movie
I put my own own idea about "fembot remote" in writing:

the remote for the fembot has the shape of a clutch bag:
a foldover clutch, and the buttons of the remote are in the inner side of the foldover part!
(for a sample of a foldover clutch, see this pictures:
closed: Image;
open: Image

As some women are very intent on keeping their clutch next to them,
and nobody is allowed to look into the bag - they are fembots protecting their remote!

But once you wrest the clutch from her and found her remote, she is on your mercy!

buttons on the remote I would like (feel free to suggest your favourites):
* speed (intended for all body parts):
- faster
- slower
- (total) freeze / mannequin mode
* partial locking (part of body is locked, rest can move):
- legs-only (from toe til hip)
- body-lock (from toe til neck, but head can move)
- speak-only (just eyes and mouth can move)
- full freeze (like mannequin-mode above)
* mental mode
- business woman
- domestic goddess
- sexy bimbo
- admin-mode (in this mode, she is aware of being a fembot and can analyse potential mal-function, need to recharge, ...)
* arousedness
- less aroused / prude
- more aroused / horny
("sexy bimbo" above jumps to a high level of hornyness)

the vib is a charging plug ...

I want to tinker this with a real clutch, but don't know when real life gives me enough spare time.
If I get time, I'll post pictures;
if anybody has a script for it, I can mail the clutch to the video-producer who realizes your script ...

window dressee

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Re: fembot remote in foldover clutch

Post by fembotfan » Thu Sep 18, 2014 3:31 am

A few button options:
-One button where the fembot can only speak the truth. Regardless of how embarrassing or dirty the answers may be.
-One button that triggers twerking (aware and able to speak).
-One button that turns off her personality / human emulation.
-A button instigating voice / audio control.
-A surrogate / Marionette button where she speaks the words spoken into the microphone in the purse.
-A cord running from the bag that can plug in a phone or tablet to allow reprogramming.

A few story starting points / options.

A widowed neighbor moves into town from Stepford.
A woman is meeting with her new neighbor. When her handbag is found by accident and the truth button is pressed. The neighbor not even realizing what button has been pressed, asks more and more personal and penetrating questions. Eventually asking about the woman's sexual fantasy. She speaks of turning up her body's pleasure sensors, and being used as a sex doll or sexbot. The neighbor asks how she came about that fetish and she tells about when she and her husband moved to stepford, and her robotic conversion. the neighbor is shocked then, happy to play with her buttons, before assisting her with the fantasy.

The Soccer mom Milf-bot.
A classy professionally dressed woman is meeting with her genius daughter's best friend. The best friend is bringing back the daughters cell phone. The battery is low, and the friend sees a cord running from the mom's handbag. but in plugging it in, access to the Milf-bot happens. The mother's body is deactivated, except for her mouth as she is forced to tell her story (and the friend can explore and undress her as she does so). The friend discovers that the mother was so supportive of her daughter, that she allowed her to test out her robotics theories and projects on her. Eventually the mom was completely converted, and she loves the results. Her daughter was also so pleased, that she recently finished undergoing the same procedures.

The super heroines handbag.
A super-heroin is exploring a villan's lair when she comes across a bodysuit and matching handbag. She does not find the villain and she leaves. in the next scene she has tried on the bodysuit. it has a stange affect. as she begins to malfunction. The villain arives and explains that the suit was designed to hack into and override the physical controls of a cyborg, or robot convert. The handbag, is the link that will allow the villain to control and then reprogram the heroine.

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Re: fembot remote in foldover clutch

Post by asfrmaster » Thu Sep 18, 2014 10:08 pm

The soccer mom milf bot story sounds awesome!!! Can't wait to read if it is ever written.

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