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more movies per month for $10?

Posted: Mon May 11, 2020 9:06 am
by TSPantyhose
The last 2 months we have released only one movie per month because the patron count dropped under 10. but now we are up to 13!
so let me stress this again and hope to motivate you guys.

Please go to:
and click the $10 join button

At the end of every month (that's the 30th or the 31st)
you will get several movies for your $10

if we can get just 2 more members we can release 2 movies per month.
the more people join the more movies everyone gets so please do your part by:
1) joining at
2) post on other threads about this offer just in case people are just not visiting this category.

we have been shooting with several other producers to bring more than just Evangeline
Currently we have 5 models shooting freeze for us.
as the months go one we will have more producers joining.

remember we need more members to get more movies so please check us out at
to start getting your movies every month for $10

Here is the current break down of what we need in order to release more

we are at 13 members currently

Remember if you are already a member of our patreon and want to get more movies for your $10 all you have to do is post on other threads to raise awareness.
You can do your part to help us get to the higher numbers

When we get back to 40 members we will still be giving out several movies but will also be picking several people at random to shoot customs (customs must be freeze/timestop related)

we had some success last year and we were giving out free customs but once again people started unsubscribing and we could no longer afford to do this. Hopefully people will come back and give us another try especially now that things are rougher for everyone